Fraternal Benefit Societies

What is a Fraternal Benefit Society?

A fraternal benefit society is an institution that has a representative form of government and is operated for fraternal, benevolent or religious purposes, including the insurance of members, or the spouses/common‑law partners or children of members, against accident, sickness, disability or death.

Fraternal organizations inspire their members to participate in member‑volunteer networks in various communities. Serving others is at the heart of the organization and this is done through a variety of programs, which improve the quality of life in communities.

Fraternal Organizations…


  • Provide insurance and investment products.
  • Have members instead of shareholders.
  • Share a common bond with their members.
  • Operate on a not‑for‑profit basis which means profits can be used for member benefits and to give back to the causes members care about.

How are Fraternal Benefit Societies Organized?

Fraternal benefit societies are typically organized into a system of lodges. The basic unit of the structure for Orange Benefit Fund is the Primary Lodge. Through the Primary Lodges, members have input into decisions that impact their Primary Lodge and the whole organization.  Members of a Primary Lodge typically gather once a month for a business meeting and to get involved in the social and charitable aspect of the Primary Lodge.

Orange Benefit Fund is federally regulated by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Canada (OSFI) and is subject to the same regulations as other Canadian life and health insurers. Federal supervision encompasses insurers incorporated or continued under the Insurance Companies Act Canada. In general, OSFI conducts prudential reviews of federally regulated insurers to determine their financial soundness.

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