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Member Benefits

Who is a Member?

Membership is available to all who have a desire to promote the principals of religious and democratic freedoms which have made Canada one of the most tolerant countries in the world.

Orange Benefit Fund has two categories of membership including:

Full Member is an individual (and or spouse or child of a member) who embodies the view of equal rights for all people and special privileges for none, pays formal membership dues and who is the insured or annuitant of an Orange Benefit Fund product.

Associate Member is an individual who shares the values of Orange Benefit Fund and who is the insured or annuitant under an Orange Benefit Fund product.

When you become the insured on one of our Orange Benefit Fund products, you automatically become a member of Orange Benefit Fund and become eligible to receive unique Member Benefits.

Member Eligibility

Residents of Canada who are men, women and youth of all ages and walks of life who believe in the positive impact that our Association can and does have.

Additional Benefits

  • Basic, non‑registered investment products with generous returns
  • Pre‑Planning Guides
  • Power of Attorney Forms (some provinces)

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